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One Day Coach-the-Coach Programme

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways of delivering the You Are The Difference customer service programme throughout a business is our coach-the-coach model. This is an intensive one day programme where regional managers, store managers and customer service champions can be fully introduced to You Are The Difference and be shown how to  deliver it back in store.

The benefits of the coach-the-coach programme include:

    It helps build expertise and ownership throughout the whole business.
 ●   It accelerates the development of You Are The Difference across the business.                                    
 ●   It maximises the cost effectiveness of rolling out the programme throughout the business.

The one day coach-the-coach programme consists of the following:

 ●   You Are The Difference main customer service session (3 hours)
 ●   The Role of the Manager in YATD session (2 hours)
 ●   Coaching on how to present and deliver the YATD coaching DVD session (1 hour)


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