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Tesco Petrol Filling Station Managers Event: With over 500 petrol stations across the UK, Tesco is the number one fuel retailer in Great Britain today.  The theme of the event held at the Rioch Arena in Coventry was ‘Customer Service’ and was attended by all the managers from across the UK. As one of the main speakers at the event Alf delivered a special YATD session he had designed and created exclusively for the petrol filling station managers and their teams. 

Insomnia Coffee Company: Ireland’s leading independent premium coffee and sandwich chain with over 70 stores asked Alf to design and deliver a new customer service coaching programme. A YATD event was held in Dublin where all managers took part in a special session where they were given the tools to roll out the principles and skills from the new programme across all staff in all stores.

Irish Travel Agents Association: The ITAA which held their annual conference in Granada Spain invited Alf  to be one of their main speakers. At the conference Alf delivered a special YATD session around raising the bar in terms of customer service experience and motivating your staff.  

Natural Products Exhibition Baltimore USA: Alf was one of the main speakers at the exhibition held in Baltimore USA.  The exhibition is the east coasts largest natural products trade show and attracts over 25,000 visitors.

Harry Corry Interiors: With over 50 stores across Ireland and Scotland the company has established itself as a leading retailer in home furnishings. As part of the companies continued goal to deliver first class service all store managers in Scotland took part in a special YATD ‘Coach the Coach’ event prior to a full staff training rollout of the new service programme.

BESTSELLER: Alf is presenting a special YATD ‘Steps to Success’ session at all BESTSELLER conferences across Scandinavia. Taking place in Sweden, Denmark and Finland, there will be over 250 store managers from all Vero Moda and Jack & Jones brands attending.

Elverys Sports: Founded in 1847 Elverys is Ireland's oldest sports store with 58 branches across the country. As part of the companies customer service drive all managers and staff are taking part in a nation wide YATD coaching roll-out program..

BESTSELLER: A special YATD customer service and selling programme is being rolled out across all 81 stores in Ireland. As part of the new programme we will be providing on going shop floor coaching and mystery shopping. Bestseller brands include Vero Moda, Jack & Jones, Vila, Name it and Only.  

Tesco Metro London: Alf delivered a special session titled 'Steps to Success' for all Tesco Store Managers based in London. The purpose of the session was to provide the managers with some simple tools to help them lead and deliver great service in their store.

Cornwall Farmers: Cornwall Farmers have chosen YATD as its new customer service coaching program to be rolled out across all 13 stores. Each store managers will take part in the YATD ‘Coach the Coach’ training day  followed by a special large event where all staff will attend a  YATD session pre rollout.

Doc Morris Pharmacy: Alf was the main speaker at the Doc Morris Leaders Conference in Dublin where he delivered a brand new coaching session for store managers  “Setting Up For Success”. With 72 stores Doc Morris is Irelands largest pharmacy chain.

COS (Part of H&M) With stores in 17 countries COS is one of Europes permium clothing brands for men and women who want high end design at affordable prices. The YATD customer service programme has been taylored to meet the needs of the business and is to rolled out across all stores from January.

Tesco Extra Aberdeen: A YATD Service Event was held in Aberdeen prior to the opening of the new Tesco Extra in Woodend Aberdeen. An audience of over 200 attended which included all managers and staff.

Londis Ireland: Alf was one of the main speakers at the Londis conference held recently in Ireland. At the conference Alf presented a special YATD session highlighting the importance in delivering first class service to every single customer every single day. Londis have over 300 convenience stores across Ireland.

Tesco Handforth Dean: After the recent full store YATD customer service event Alf returned to Handforth Dean to run a new YATD managers session designed to give managers the skills, knowledge and confidence to help them coach, motivate and lead their team in delivering great service.

(After the training sessions we ran for all staff and managers the store was mentioned in the trade magazine ‘ The Grocer’ for the great service it provided)

Lakeland Rolls Out YATD Across All UK Stores: With 57 stores nationwide from Aberdeen to Truro, Lakeland is one of the UK's top kitchenware companies that prides itself in delivering first class service. Alf has designed a special YATD Programme to help Lakeland raise the service bar to an even higher level. The programme was delivered through a store manager Coach-the-Coach full day event.

Tesco Paidham New Store Service Event: Alf delivered a special YATD session for all 200 staff of the soon to open store. Also attending were the 27 store managers from group 14.

Tesco Handfort Extra: A YATD Customer Service Event was held at a local hotel where over 200 staff attended. The event was used as part of a team build and to help launch a positive customer service focus throughout the store.

Tesco Helsby: A special YATD 'Coach the Coach' session was held in store for the entire management team. All staff will be taken through the YATD coaching session by the managers using the unique YATD DVD coaching pack.

Tesco Sandhurst Extra: A special full store YATD Customer Service Event was held in Sandurst for over 300 of the store staff as part of the re launch of the new look store.

Veterinary Charity PDSA: As part of their continued customer service focus within their 230 stores throughout the UK, the You Are The Difference customer service programme will be rolled out across all store teams in September.  

Tesco Clothing YATD Session Chester: Alf designed and delivered a special YATD customer service and selling session for the clothing team at the Tesco store in Chester. 

Tesco Counters Managers Events NEC Birmingham 26th, 27th 28th June: Alf presented a special session to introduce the new YATD customer service programme to Tesco Counters Managers and Store Managers. The event was attended by over 350 managers each day.

Tesco Store Team YATD Events at Hattersley and Sundhurst 28th June: Alf delivered a special YATD customer service session for all staff of the new Tesco Extra Hattersley which opens in early July.

A Day of Inspiration for SME Retailers: Alf was one of the main speaker at the special event held in Dublin.

Unlocking Your Potential Event Cornwall: Alf delivered a YATD session for a group of business leaders, retailers and managers at a special event in Wadebridge. 
Tesco Counters & Bakery Managers Event April: Alf presented a special YATD session at the Tesco Counters and Bakery Events in Coventry on the 16th & 17th April. The event was attended by over 400 managers each day.
Tesco Northern Ireland YATD Sessions: Alf has ran two YATD sessions in Belfast which online casinos was attended by all store managers from across Northern Ireland.
Tesco Extra Eston New Store YATD Event: Alf delivered a YATD customer service event for all 350 staff of the new Tesco Extra in Eston Middlesborough. The event which was held at the local Cine World Cinema. Here is a short clip taken by store manager Tim Howell of the ice breaker: http://yfrog.com/n9k5jyz
Tesco Group Future Coaches Event: Alf delivered a motivational session at the event held in London which was attended by the new UK Group Future Coaches.
Tesco Extra Widnes New Store YATD Event: On the 15th March Alf ran a YATD event for all 300 staff of the brand new Tesco Extra in Widnes at the Stobart Rugby Club Stadium.
Tesco Express New Concept Store Dudley: Alf delivered a special YATD coaching event for all 500 staff prior to the opening of the new Tesco Extra Concept store in Dudley. This was the first time an event of this type and size had taken place within Tesco. (click photos to enlarge)

Tesco Customer Service Manager Conferences: Alf completed a series of special YATD sessions at five Tesco customer service conferences held across the UK. The main theme of the conferences which were attended by over 1300 customer service managers was around delivering great customer service.

Tesco Counters: Alf has developed a new customer service programme for the supermarkets fresh counters business across the UK and Ireland. Working with Mark Green Head of Counters Operations at Tesco Alf has created a programme that helps counter staff to raise the bar in terms of service and interaction with the customer. As part of the new programme Alf has produced a unique interactive coaching DVD for Tesco. 

Hicky & Co Ireland: All managers and directors took part in a special full day YATD  'coach the coach' event. The YATD coaching programme will now be rolled out to all 17 stores by the managers through the YATD DVD coaching pack. 

Magnolia Silver Jewellery YATD Event Israel: At the two day event in Tel Aviv Alf delivered the special YATD programme he designed for Magnolia UK. Israel, Australia, Canada and Portugal teams will now launch the programme in their counties.

Magnolia Silver Jewellery YATD Christmas Event: Launched in 1996 Magnolia has grown to become the world's largest leading retailer of designer silver jewellery with more than 150 branches now across North America, Europe, the UK and Australia. Alf ran a special two day YATD Christmas Event for all managers. The aim of the event was energise the teams across the UK and to maximise the sales and service opportunities over the busy Christmas period. http://www.magnolia-silver.com/  

Premier Outlets Centre Denmark: Premier Outlets Centre in Ringstead near Copenhagen has 27 top branded stores and is Denmarks only outlet centre. Alf has recently delivered a special You Are The Difference 'Coach the Coach' programme involving all store managers. The new customer service and sales programme will form part of a long term partnership with the top Danish centre. tp://premieroutlets.dk/

The YATD Programme launched in Dubai: Established in 1979, Al Tayer Group is a privately-held, diversified company with operations in 12 countries in the Middle East and beyond. With over 7,800 employees from 95 different nationalities, the Group has its headquarters in Dubai. The You Are The Difference programme will be used as the new on going customer service training tool. http://www.altayer.com/DynamicPage.aspx?id=1

Garden Centres Coaching Event Leeds: Alf delivered a special one day YATD 'Coach the Coach' event for a large group of independant garden centre owners and staff based in the North of England. A series of YATD DVD coaching sessions will follow where all the managers will coach their teams the skills and pronciples from the programme. 

Real Service Best Practice Group: Alf was one of the main speakers at Real Service Best Practice Conference. The RSBPG brings together many of the UK's most dynamic property owners, fund managers and property management companies. Dedicated to improving customer service to occupiers the group members represent combined gross assets in excess of £100 billion.

Grafton Merchanting Ireland: In the Republic of Ireland, Grafton is the largest builders and plumbers merchanting business, trading from 56 locations nationally, with strong local and national brands. Alf has now completed 28 YATD coaching events involving 700 staff from all branches throughout Irealnd.

Calvin Klein European Launch: Alf has successfully launced a new You Are The Difference customer service coaching DVD exclusively produced for Calvin Klein. The DVD will form part of a European wide You Are The Difference customer service coaching roll out that will be available in 7 different languages. The DVD was launched at the companies annual conference held in Alicante Spain where all stores throughout Europe were represented. 


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